About Us


 Who We Are

Hightower Trail District Commissioners are experienced scout leaders who have been recruited to support scout leaders running scout units. Commissioners are advisers and mentors. Commissioners can help resolve conflicts among leaders within a unit. They serve on staff at district scouting events, and they serve as a front door to the District Committee helping to connect scout leaders to the right people who can help them. 


Our Vision

The Hightower Trail District has trained, motivated and engaged commissioners who use contemporary tools and techniques to support units so that they provide a quality program that attracts and retains youth and adults.


Our Goals

  • Support unit growth and retention through the Journey to Excellence
  • Contact units and capture their strengths and needs in Commissioner Tools
  • Link unit needs to district operating committee resources
  • Support timely charter renewal
  • Deliver effective Roundtables



 Unit Service will enable units to better serve more youth by providing an adequate number of trained commissioners who provide a link to district committees in support of a quality unit program.  The more commissioners we have the more we can help and serve more youth.  We need commissioners.

We are looking for commissioners to focus on Packs, Troops, Crews and other specialized opportunities to make a difference in these scouts life.